Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Slum Tourism

As Mumbai (Bombay) is financial capital of India, all the main government tourism offices and tour company offices are here.

Foreigners prefer to visit Mumbai first when they come to India. But unfortunately some tourism companies under the banner of NGOs started new kind of tourism which is called slum tourism. This thing is really hurting me.

Yes, there are slums in Mumbai but is it a thing to be shown especially to the foreigners? Why?

India is a largest democratic country. It is the self dependent and technically highly progressed country. It is thoroughly self promoted country. When America pressurized Russia to not to give Cryogenic Engines to India, our scientist made our own Cryogenic Engines. When America was trying that no country should sell India Super computer technology, Indian researchers made our own Super-computer i.e. PARAM which is selling largely in the global market now.

Even who will forget the two atomic explosions made in Pokhran cheating the satellite technology? No country in the world ever noticed before the explosions are made. Even CIA and other Spy companies were astonished because of it's time schedule and accuracy. It was technically so fine that "International Data Centre", an organization which puts out information based on a large number of worldwide data collection centers, initially classified it as an earthquake some 47 km deep in the earth instead of nuclear explosions. It was an achievement for India.

I still remember an article by one US based NRI just after the Nuck-explosions. He wrote that previously people used to ask him where is India on the world map and he used to say southward to China and now people ask him how India made such a fine atomic explosions that also cheating our spy satellites.

Also as I mentioned in my previous blog India is slowly moving towards Supreme economical power. The Indian companies are taking over the other global companies by sparing trillions of dollars. Recently, Daewoo Electronics of Koria was taken over by Videocon by signing $ 700 million deal which is not a small amount even in financial language.

Not only this but in cultural aspect also India is a rich country. So many religions, so many languages, so different traditions and yet people live together without hating each other i.e. unity in diversity. I remember that Ben Gurion, Israel's first PM said that the India is the only country in the world which never hated Jews because they are Jews. Yes, Indian philosophy is live and let live. No Indian religion is spread through Sword or false monitorial attractions whether it is Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism or Sikhism. People accepted these religions because they like the philosophy behind it.

Geographically also the country is very prosperous. There are beaches, deserts, heavy rainfalls, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, Icebergs, oceans etc.

Thousands of foreigners come to see the temples only which are the examples of the architectural and sculptural Beauty.

Therefore according to me showing the tourist the slum area is a crime. I'm not disagreeing with the truth that there are slums and there is poverty in India. But is the life-style of the slum-dwellers going to change because of this tourism? These NGOs are just making money in dollars by providing such kind of tourism.

Therefore when some news channels interviewed the slum dwellers about it, they rightly replied that the foreign tourists are the Guests to our country so we'll not harm them but we'll not spare the Indian tour operators who are doing this kind of vicious jobs.

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