Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Unity in diversity

Patna (Bihar): Patna's children, who attend the darul-Uloom Al-Islamia madrassa, begin their day with the recital of the Holy Koran and follow it up with Sanskrit slokas.
Strange? Well what is stranger is that this Islamic school has 40 Hindu students and they are at ease with both the Koran Sharif and Sanskrit hymns.
This unique Madrassa in Patna teaches Hindu students about the Koran and Muslim students about Sanskrit texts.
Says a student Kapil Kumar, "We learn both Hindi and Urdu. That's how we will progress."
The national song, Vande Mataram is recited at this madrassa everyday irrespective of the directives of any ministers. And the teachers of the madrassa are proud of it.
Says a teacher, Khurshid Anwar, "Muslims and non-Muslim students both come here in large numbers. We teach them with love and care."
The non-Muslims students too are happy and do not feel that their space is being encroached upon.
Says a student Wazir Alam, "It's a pleasure to learn with Hindu students."
The parents also don't see any reason why their religious faith should stop their children from learning Islam.
Says Kapil's mother, Malti Devi, "How are Hindus and Muslims any different? The blood is the same."
Crossing over the religious barriers and bridging the divide between temples and mosques, the message children in Patna are giving, if followed by their elders could well help end the communal divide.

Link : http://www.ibnlive.com/news/bihar-madrassa-teaches-hindu-kids/21945-3.html

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