Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Not me but you...


It is really a nice thing to be a citizen of the largest democratic country and we are lucky that we are not born in Pakistan where democracy is a fake. But in last many blogs you commented that the Indian politics, government and the politicians are responsible for today's India’s economical, social situation.

What if I say that you are only responsible for this situation? You are the culprit.

When there is an election, on voting day you woke up late. Had a bed-tea. Then Put on the Television enjoyed the news about low percentage of voting (For you news channels are just entertainment channel). Then you talked with your wife how to celebrate the holiday. Whether to go to hotel nearest hotel or to go on a long drive and to enjoy the lunch in a distant royal hotel. Post lunch you had a nice long siesta. When you got up it was already 6 O’ clock. So you started enjoying exit poll results. Then late night you had gone for movie at 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. and lastly you slept happily after a rare pleasurable day.

You were so sure that not a single candidate worth voting for that you don’t even thought about voting. But a slum-dweller nearest your colony was not so sure. He voted instead of you to his favorite candidate in your name because he was getting bundles of Rupees for it. Off-course he thanked you many times for it.

I wonder when people say that in our opinion all candidates are equal to us, some say that we vote only one party for last 20 years, some say that we are going to vote Mr. so and so because he is from our caste or some say that we are living here from last 30 years but our name is not in voting list.

My friend was telling me that the villagers in his village when go to election centre just look for 2 leaves sign to stamp. They don’t even see other signs or other candidates. Its a kind of a tradition in their village.

Surprising really…

There are many foreigners who visit India to understand how ideal elections are taking place in a vast country like India where the population is now 100 Crores +.

I admit that there are some exceptions like Bihar but otherwise it is indeed a special thing to arrange the elections so systematically and so fair. I think it’s credit goes to former election commission Mr. T. N. Sheshan`.

And how many of us are aware that even if we dislike all the candidates there is a provision in Indian Constituency to give negative vote using form 49.

"In a particular constituency, if a voter has dislike to all of the candidates competing there, then he can show his dislike to all of them by registering for 49'O. Steps for doing this: 1. While registering the name by the time of voting, convey the booth officials that "I want to go for 49'O". 2. Register your signature in the 49'O form available there. Done. Now, if the number of 49'O count is larger than that of the winning candidates total vote count, then a re-election is called there.

Isn’t it something good?

I’ll be glad very much if my article will make you go for voting in coming election.

Sincerely yours,

Your alert and dutyful co-citizen,


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