Tuesday, 24 February 2009


The Hicks family of Adelaide, Australia, before going on a long overseas holiday, dropped their Persian cat, Howie, off with their parents, whom lived over one thousand miles away from Adelaide. Months later when the Hicks family returned and was ready to pick Howie up, they found out that Howie had escaped in his second week of visiting.
Howie was an indoor cat who had never even seen a dog, and never hunted anything more substantial than a housefly. The family was heartbroken, and searched for him for a month without success. Having to return to Adelaide, their home was not the same, but they could not bring themselves to get another cat.
A year had passed, when one afternoon they found a miserable looking longhaired cat, with a wounded paw, who was filthy and starved. When their daughter Kirsten came home from school and saw the cat, she stopped, then ran forward screaming out “Howie ! Howie !”. The mother was shocked, could this straggly cat be their pedigree Persian? It was Howie.
In the twelve months it had taken Howie to make the one-thousand-mile trek home, the pampered Persian had somehow forded rivers, crossed two tracts of hostile desert and fought his way through the vast wilderness of the Australian outback. He knew where his home was and neither distance nor danger could keep him from coming back. A trip to the vet, lots of food and love, and soon he looked again like the proud Persian king of his household.

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