Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Situation 1

There was a criminal called `Raju’ who was suffering a rigorous imprisonment for 10 years in a jail. Before the eighth year of his imprisonment he escaped from the jail and in order to avoid police he had gone to a tiny village in an adjacent state and started living there in a hope that nobody will recognize him.

He started a small business there. Gradually his business flourished and in a few years he was well-known as a successful businessman. He used to help the village people financially, used to give advises to the people, used to give decisions in small disputes and he also built a temple in the village.

One day a newly married bride called Jayashree comes to this village. She is a simple lady, straightforward, hard-working and kind. She becomes the gem of her family.

One fine day she sees Raju and recognizes him as a escaped criminal. She couldn’t sleep for the next three days due to her conscience ….. One moment she feels that as he became a good person she should not go to police and other moment she feels that as an alert citizen its her duty to tell the police that this is the one who escaped from the jail. Now suppose that you are that Jayashree. What you would have done….. What will be your decision and why? Explain it in few words.

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