Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The ugly truth

This anti-smoking advert is from Everest Brand Solution, Mumbai. It is shown that the smoke room is a grave-room. It may win a prize but according to me there is a small mistake.
As per my experience usually the active smoker never dies due to smoking but person next to him i.e. The passive smoker must dies because of Cancer, Asthma, and TB etc. I think this is because the smoker’s body cells get used to the toxin.
When I see a newly married couple and husband is smoking I feel that what will be his marriage anniversary gift to his wife, Cancer or TB? I truly feel that smokers do not love their family. There may be passion but not a love in any form.
This situation starts in adolescent. In childhood they know that cigarrate is injurious to health. Many of the children pledge to keep away from cigarrete and tobacco. But in adolescent their bond with family gradually decreases to nil and their friends takeover the control of their mind. Friends become the source of smoking habit. There may be some psychological reason behind it but I haven’t seen the person started smoking on his own or family members are asking a person to smoke. This is a peers’ pressure which works.
Also in movies and advertises it is hammered again and again that smoking is a symbol of manliness. So the teenager feels that smoking is another way to look smart and handsome. Later a cigarette or two once a day changes to once every half an hour. Also the subtropical climate is not at all suitable for smoking.

Some people say that even our ancestors used to smoke Gudgudi/Hukka/Chilim but major thing to be noted here was these smoking habits were usually herbal smoking. The smoke of various herbs was used to intake by the smoker along with the tobacco.

Unfortunately currently there is a heavy increase in girls’ smoking too. Because the cigarettes companies are successful in campegning that smoking helps to maintain diet.

These girls may be happy while smoking but no doubt they are doing terrific injustice with their forthcoming babies.
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