Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Litterature skill

Dear All,

Some people say that routine journey is always tidious. But if we start finding the moment of pleasure then there can be many. Daily I spend more than 4 Hrs. in journey. But never once I felt any kind of tiresome experience. I just try to make my journey wonderful. In my company bus I read daily the 2 lines on the door i.e.
खीर चम्मच से खाते है, हातों से नही । प्यार दिल से होता है, बातों से नही ।।
(The sweetened milk is to be drink by the spoon and not by the hands; like that love is to be made by the heart and not by the speech).
These lines make me smile.
Like that :
The other famous lines we usually find on the truck are
सौ मे अस्सी बेईमान फिर भी मेरा भारत महान ।
(80 out of 100 in India are scoundrels then also I'll say my India is great).
Nearly behind every truck there is a line
बुरी नज़र वाले तेरा मुंह काला ।
[The one with evil spirit, shame on you (as shown in the picture)]
Some times there is a long chain of children's name or just the "Life is a blessing of the parents" or just God is taking care of this Car etc.
The best line that I read recently is that "Let's not meet by an accident"
Funny, isn't it?
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