Thursday, 20 November 2008


When I was young, I was really mad about "Instant Coffee". It was a kind of obsession.
Early morning, I used to wake up with the thought of Coffee’s preparation and taste. And I was very particular about Coffee Steel Mug, filtering and boiling fresh milk, milk plastic filter, adding particular spoons of coffee and sugar etc.
I used to drink my favorite a bit bitter coffee, only once a day and not like tea drinkers every now and then. But I used to spare atleast quarter of my day to prepare and drink it slowly and dedicated.
Even my relatives used to laugh at me for this madness.
(I used to buy Girnar Coffee or Tata Café in order to buy Indian products though secretly I used to love the “Bru” taste).
But second last year, I suffered mumps and all of a sudden I had developed aversion for the instant coffee.
For many days, I was without coffee. But later a friend of mine, brought a small filter coffee pot for me from Tamil Nadu.
And now I’m obsessed with making and tasting filter coffee. It’s a ritual to prepare the filter coffee. In Mumbai, there is a village called Matunga which is affectionately called as a Matungam` since it has large volume of south Indian product selling shops. There are many shops that sell freshly grinded coffee beans’ powder. I buy coffee powder from them.
Then I put 4 tea spoon coffee powder in my small filter coffee pot and pour hot water on it. And then wait to get it filtered drop by drop.
Later as per need, I add hot milk and sugar to it and drink 2-3 times a day.
I also try to pour hot prepared coffee from one small steel glass to another from the height of 3-4 feet as waiters from some hotels from Matungam do holding the both glasses in each hand. But I’m not much successful about it yet.
Sometimes, therefore I visit restaurants for the tasty filter coffee and of course, traditional Dosa with it (as described by my friend My D Lee in her blog).
I forgot to mention that there is usually quarrel between boys and girls over Tea and Coffee because in Maharashtra, mostly only girls prefer coffee while boys are fanatic tea-drinkers (Pakka Chaaibaaj).
Our successful slogan, in a Sanskrit camp was "चायपानं महापापं, काफीपानम् अमृततुल्यम्" (Tea drinking is a big sin while coffee drinking is equal to drinking nectar).

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