Thursday, 11 December 2008


I do not say astrology is 100% true or 100% lie but what I observe is that true astrologers usually avoid saying the truth in order not to make that people unhappy and to keep their hope and moral up and therefore they always try to speak doubtful truth or sugarcoated truth or sometimes lie also.

It is the case of many true astrologers known to me who did not take money and astrology is their hobby.

I also believe that astrology is the science. And some people spend their life-time studying it.
Though I met many such astrologers, I observed that they refrain to speak truth. Above is my Kundali and since I'm still unmarried and as there is marriage universality (Marriage is must) in India, it was shown to many astrologers. I heard so many lies from them in their predictions that I do not want to hear any more predictions.

Still I do not blame them. It is said in India that it is a common sense for one not to predict bad things specially about death, marriage, employment etc.

I have seen that same thing is practiced by Linda Goodman or Marjoree Orr or any other western or chinese astrologers.

But I also think that because of this, people loose trust on astrology and astrologers. What do you say?

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  1. mrudulla i feel like laughing dont take it otherwise i feel it was your inquisitiveness to know that you kept showing many astrologers and they kept you giving hope but i would say you also happened to learn from many whom you visited dont be dissapointed every day you learn something new just take it and leave it the day day has gone think of new day .