Sunday, 14 December 2008

The gentle romance

In our German class everyday a theme is given to discuss upon. Few days ago a theme `Romanticism' is given. It was very interesting indeed. We all enjoyed it.
According to me :

1) Most romantic - Both sit on the bank of the river near a thick forest cheak to cheak whole night. They both merged in each other. What a surprize ! The water is still, the forest is silent, the stars also forgot to blink and just shining calmly. The only soft voice they hear is the heart-beats. (This idea I took from Uttar Ramayana which is about Ram and Seeta, someday I'll mention the original verse about it here)
2) Standing below her window whole night so that she could see him early morning when she opens the window.
3) Watching the stars togather whole night silently.
4) To slim down when separated from him. And to send the message via clouds to him that you are safe and anxious to meet early. (Taken from 'Meghdoot', the Sanskrit poem)
Some other opinions :
1) A single umbrella for both in rainy season.
2) He prepares a tasty meal for her.
3) A gift not costly but nice one without a cause.
4) Giving fresh flowers.
5) Watching a her favourite movie or his football match togather though not interested at all.
6) To walk on the beach without shoes with hand in hand.
7) To go with her to art-gallery though his knowledge about drawing and painting is zero.
8) To speak through eyes ocassionally.
9) To keep the rose life-long carefully, he gave first time.
10) To wait anxiously for him alone in the crowdy market.
11) To be wet in the sea waves togather.
12) To write a letter to each other by hand and decorating it.
13) To click the photos togather in funny poses with coloured faces.
14) To build her hairs softly and carefully.
15) To go to classical music concert especially at night (e.g. to the concert of flute by Pt. Hariprasad Chourasia or Santoor by Pt. Shivkumar Sharma)

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