Monday, 29 December 2008

Near, far wherever you are, you are safe in my heart and my heart will go on and on and on...

Dear All,

On Thursday I lost my mother.

She was a thoroughly gentle woman, tender and caring. Every person used to love her and she was always been a symbol of endurance.

She was a genuine Indian woman. She came from simple middle class loving family. Unfortunately she married to the rich joint family and her in-Laws' family was nothing but a political party. All they knew were to play dirty games and to do court cases and police cases for the financial gains. It was very hard for her to digest all these things as her ideas were simple and straight.

Then my parents left that house without taking single penny with them and shifted to a small village. The days were of extreme poverty and the life was painstaking.
We also in our childhood suffered through all these things and became rude due to hardships of life. This rudeness hurt her also many times.

Now recently she was experiencing quite good life. My sister got married and was in California. Now she is settled well in Pune and have two sweet children. My younger brother is a software engineer in Seepz and he is engaged now and was going to get married in May. I was also making quite well. And suddenly death caught her unpredictably. The massive heart-attack was so unexpected that her face and body was calm and every onlooker was feeling as though she is sleeping peacefully.

Last three days I cried like anything. First she was my mother and second she was a good person as well. And with me many of my relatives from my mothers' side cried.

Indeed kind death solved all problems of her life.
झेपेल तेव्हढंच दुःख तो आपल्याला देतो ।
दिलेलं दुःख संपलं कि आपल्यालाच नेतो ।।

(He gives us pain only which is bearable. When pain crosses it's limit, he lifts us to himself. )

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