Sunday, 14 December 2008

Winter is here...

Dear All,

My 360 friend Kubi Petra asked me how is weather in India. I told her that as India is a vast country like US, Russia there is a different weather in different regions and therefore different geographical conditions like Icy regions, rain forests, deserts (which I spelt desserts while writing to her), rocky regions, heavy monsoon regions etc.
Then it stroke me that winter is already here in Mumbai. The temperature is too cold ( i.e. 19°C) for the people of Mumbai. Here average temp is from 25°C to 38°C throughout the year. The weather is Humid and hot since Mumbai is adjecent to sea. Specially who comes from the interior part of India find problem to adjust with the sweat. Otherwise the temperature is even and does not change much in the night.
OTOH in interior part of India the weather is odd. Too hot in daytime and too cold in night. And it is dry too. I had not travelled much but was once in Kanshi. The nights there were too cold for me in summer also as I'm heat loving person.
Currently we shiver when cold water comes through the tap. And also shiver to see the temp. in some part of India dropped to 4°C and the foggy nights.
I just can't imagine to go to Gulmarg to enjoy ice skating and other winter sports as well. Because winter in Mumbai also brought tremendous problems to me already. Cracking of the foots, cough, dry skinning etc.
I trully feel that let this wicked winter should end asap.
Looking forward to the spring with the cup of hot filter coffee.


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