Thursday, 11 December 2008

Devraai (Sacred Grove)

The word 'Devrai' stands for God's own forest.

It was a tradition in India that certain land near the temple used to be reserved for the God where no human interference was allowed. Since there was no human touch, that land used to change in thick forest gradually. Also disciples due to faith did not use to cut the trees once they grow. So it was a kind of nature preservation in the name of the God.

Also there was kind of fear to the greedy people, who used to feel that if they cut the wood from that place, it'll be a sin which cannot be wipe out even after doing thousands of good deeds.
These forests were thick like Amazon jungles and full of zoological and botanical varieties. Many birds and animals used to take resort to it.

Some of these forests still present in Indian continental. But due to changing ideas after a globalization, people's faith on these traditions lessening which is making these forests thinner.
Modern day God's forest:

Suppose you have a land of an acre or two at countryside. Build a wall surrounding it. Throw the different types of seed like Banyan tree, Pimpal tree into it time to time. Do not water it; do not disturb it in any manner.

Also do not place to forget a saffronized stone adjacent to this wall duly worshipped and to spread a rumor that this God is very angry God and dislikes human presence.

Let nature do it's own job. In 2-3 years, you will find that nature is working fine. It is like One straw revolution described by Masanobu Fukuoka where natural farming takes place without plowing, no pesticides, no genetically modification of seeds etc.

It is going back to nature naturally.

After few years you will find many zoological changes are taking place and you are a God father of the natural forest. If needed, place a ladder next to the wall for curious onlookers.

You will find that those were strong and fit, they were only survived. But the shrubs, creepers, crops which were died, they were the part of natural cycle and were destroyed naturally by the insects and birds etc.

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