Sunday, 14 December 2008

My Entry

This is my entry for Shaildidi's "Blog on Teacher's Fest". It is a bit late as I was about to give my German Exam and it was not good thing to write on my German Language Teacher that time. So I refrain myself from writing on her.

In school and college I mostly liked all the teachers and since I was good in general knowledge in every subject I was favourite student of all the teachers in all the subjects (Though I used to get hardly passing out marks because of dis-graphia, a writing problem syndrome). So if my any school or college teacher meets me we speak atleast 10 minutes affectionately.
But after doing my 'Bachlors of Education' degree I realised that either person could be good, affectionate or the person could be a good teacher. Rarely anyone has got both the good qualities at a time.

I, myself is a good person and not a good teacher. I have a tact to communicate with student skillfully, I produce liking for the subject in them but I cannot make them study that subject. Or there is no huge positive change in their subject when I finish teaching them. May be because I hated studying myself throughout. So one should understand that every good person is not a good teacher.

My German teacher is an Indian currently living in Achen, Germany.
Since she was in Germany for a long period she was very much strict with us specially about German Words' pronouciation. She used to throw Marker Pens sharply at the students the moment he/she is wrong in the punctuation or the grammer (It is wrong according to the morden teaching methods). So the class was bit terrified and used to speak German very carefully without making a mistake.

Secondly she was very impartial and used to treat each one equally and used encourage the students to express their views specially deprived students like me.
The other good thing is that she never cared about what students feel about her as a person but she wanted that her each student should be perfect in learning and therefore she tried to be perfect in teaching.

She used to teach the German in various ways and the most I like out of it was by playing the games. Games loosens the atmosphere and it improves the learning as well. Games are the best helper for a good teacher.

The another thing was that she was always particular about homework. She never used to spare the students who don't do the homework. Because a home-work is redoing the learning what is learnt that day. The person who does the homework regularly does not feel the burden at the time of exam.

But due to her strictness nearly whole class was against her. They used to look at her as if she is a dictator. And never had a kind of affection towards her.

But for me there was no problem at all because of two things 1) I used to think who could be cruel than that of my destiny who recently separated my mother from me 2) As a teacher I felt that she is the best. I experienced a vast change in my language since she has come to teach us.
Not only me but whole class felt a better change in overall language since she started teaching us. Also I felt that good teacher is the one who do care about students' performance and not the self-image. Isn't it true?

Do visit Shailadidi's Teacher's Fest blog also whose idea inspired many of us to write on our honourable teachers : Shaildidi's blog (BTW A good inspirator is also a good teacher)

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